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Fost is a copy of Nintendo Land: Luigi's Mansion for android, but this time it's ported to PC. This is the first made I ever made.

You're a ghost, and there's a fox. You're invisible unless the fox lights you with his flashlight. You can scare the fox with just touching him. You're slower than the fox, so you can use the sprint to be faster than him in order to scare, but you'll become visible, and while you're visible, the fox will be able to see you and attack.

Ghost controls:

WASD: Move

Left Shift: Sprint

Fox controls:

WASD: Move

G: Use flashlight

For entering to the first person mode, in the screen there are '-' and '+' signs. Click to the '+'.

Controls in first person:

Left and right arrows to rotate the camera, up and down arrows to move.

Made in Unreal Engine 4.

Install instructions

Extract the zip with any zip extracting program.


FOST64bits.zip 102 MB

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Thanks for this game...Its really good in PC :)